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Panoply Workwear Clothing

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Panoply workwear (Delta Plus) MACH2, D-MACH & MACH5 work trousers, overalls, dungarees, knee pads, jackets & shorts. Panoply clothing is made from cotton/polyester and is available in a great range of colours, sizes and styles!

Panoply Work Trousers

Panoply Work Trousers

  • Panoply mens work trousers with knee pad pockets - MACH2, MACH5 & Originals
  • NEW! Panoply Typhoon waterproof trousers - with cargo pocket
  • Panoply work shorts - MACH2
  • Knee pads for work trousers
  • Canvas belt for Panoply trousers & shorts
Panoply Overalls

Panoply Overalls

  • Panoply overalls with knee pads pockets - MACH2 & MACH5
  • Panoply double zip boiler suit with knee pad pockets - MACH2
  • NEW! Delta Plus work overalls with knee pads pockets - D-MACH
  • Knee pads for overalls
Panoply Jackets & Vests

Panoply Jackets & Vests

  • Panoply quilted bodywarmer - MACH2
  • Panoply polar fleece bodywarmer gilet - Fidji
  • Panoply work vest - MACH5
  • Panoply workwear jackets - MACH2, MACH5 & Originals
  • NEW! Delta Plus D-MACH work jacket
  • Panoply soft shell jacket - Lulea
  • Panoply Alaska thermal parka coat with removable 3M insulated lining
  • Panoply black waterproof, breathable winter coat - Milton
Panoply Dungarees

Panoply Dungarees

  • Panoply dungarees with elasticated waist - MACH2 & MACH5
  • NEW! Delta Plus D-MACH Work Dungarees
  • Knee pads for dungarees

Also available...

Panoply Boots & Shoes

Panoply Safety Boots

Panoply work boots, shoes & wellies!

You are here: Brand Tools Online > Personal Protective Equipment > Panoply Workwear Clothing


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