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Bahco Tools - Sale

Bahco Tools UK - Sale! Great savings on Bacho Tools! Premium Bahco hand tools including: socket sets, screwdrivers, Laplander saw, wood chisels, side cutters & pliers, adjustable spanners, gardening tools, scrapers, wood saws and more! Incredible special offers - buy now while stocks last!

Irazola screwdrivers

Irazola Screwdrivers (Bahco) - VDE Insulated

Up to 75% off RRP! Irazola 7pc set - RRP: 83.33 - Offer price: 20.49!
VDE screwdriver set, MCB terminal screwdriver set & individual VDE screwdrivers
Bahco Wood Chisels

Bahco Wood Chisels

Up to 40% off RRP! 6 chisel set - RRP: 74.68 - Offer price: 47.99!
424P wood chisels - individuals and great value chisel set!
Bahco Laplander folding saw

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

50% off RRP! Laplander saw - RRP: 27.66 - Offer price: 13.99!
The perfect saw for camping and outdoor enthusiasts!
Bahco socket sets

Bahco Socket Sets & Bit Sets

Up to 65% off RRP! Bacho SL25 set - RRP: 42.70 - Offer price: 14.99!
Including SL25, S330 & S240 socket sets
Bahco Tools Kit - Electrical Tool Kit

Electricians Tool Pouch Kit

65 off RRP! Bacho ETK - RRP: 164.74 - Offer price: 99.99!
Includes: tool pouch, belt, 2x cutters, 7x VDE screwdrivers & saw
Bahco Shears, Secateurs & Loppers

Bahco Garden Shears & Secateurs

Up to 40% off RRP! P75 edging shears - RRP: 36.16 - Offer price: 20.99!
Secateurs, hedge shears, grass shears & P75 lawn edging shears
Bahco Side Cutters & Pliers

Bahco Side Cutters & Pliers

Up to 50% off RRP! Offer prices from: 14.79!
Pliers, wire strippers & side cutters - including 1000v insulated models
Bahco Adjustable Wrenches

Bahco Adjustable Spanners

Up to 50% off RRP! Offer prices from: 15.49!
Ergo adjustable wrenches - including the famous wide jaw models
Bahco Scrapers & Blades

Bacho Scrapers & Blades

Scrapers & blades - ideal for precision scraping work!
Bahco Water Pump Pliers (Grips)

Bahco Water Pump Pliers (Grips)

Up to 50% off RRP! Offer prices from: 8.79!
Slip joint pliers with outstanding jaw opening and depth
Bahco Hacksaw & Blades

Hacksaw & Blades

Up to 50% off RRP! 325 hacksaw - RRP: 41.37 - Offer price: 22.49!
Pro hacksaw & Sandflex blades - 18, 24 & 32 TPI
Bacho Tools Bowsaws

Bow Saws

Up to 50% off RRP! Offer prices from: 9.49!
Ideal gardening saws - with 21in or 24in blades
Bahco Wood Saws

Bacho Wood Saws

Wood saws - coping saws and fretsaws
Bahco Squeeze Utility Knife

Squeeze Knife

Easy to retract and replace blades - includes 6 blades
Bahco Claw Hammer

Bahco Hammer

Claw hammer with shock-resistant fibreglass handle

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