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ProWarm 22m2 100w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

ProWarm 22m2 100w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Product Reference: PW-100W22MMATONLY

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ProWarm electric underfloor heating mats offer a reliable, durable and effective underfloor heating system that is ideal for use under tiles.

ProWarm 100w underfloor heating mats provide a very economical heating solution for large floor areas. They are NOT suitable as a primary heating source, but are ideal as a secondary source for large tiled areas. They consist of a thin loose wire, which is evenly spaced and attached to a glass fibre mesh. This allows for fast and safe installation. 

ProWarm 100w underfloor heating mats are available in the following square metre sizes : 1M, 1.5M, 2M, 2.5M, 3M, 3.5M, 4M, 4.5M, 5M, 6M, 7M, 8M, 9M, 10M, 11M, 12M, 13M, 14M, 15M, 16M, 17M, 18M, 19M, 20M, 21M, 22M, 23M, 24M, 25M, 26M, 27M, 28M, 29M & 30M. The maximum mat size in one piece is 12m2 - anything larger is supplied as multiple mats.

For use under tiled floors

Key features of Prowarm underfloor heating mats 

  • The Professionals' choice.
  • High quality EFTE advanced insulation system. Made with the highest quality Fluoropolymers and contains NO PVC coatings.
  • Only 2mm thickness - one of the thinnest solutions on the market. Can be tiled straight over if required.
  • Constructed using multi-strand wires, making them very tough.
  • All Prowarm mats are 500mm wide.
  • Easy to install.
  • Under floor heating is a very cost-effective method of heating - providing heat where required and minimising heat loss.
  • Choice of multiple thermostats.


  • Prowarm Lifetime Warranty.
  • Prowarm CableSafe Warranty. Accidentally cut through your heating cable, and Prowarm will replace your cable free of charge.


Please ensure all safety guidelines are followed during and after installation.

Please note: Choose a mat size that will cover 90% of your floor area. It's better to order slightly less, as the mats CANNOT be cut to size.

This useful sizing guide will help you select the correct mat size, as well as the accompanying insulation boards! (PDF document)

The product is supplied with detailed, full colour instructions for easy installation. You can also download a PDF document of the Prowarm underfloor heating installation instructions manual.


  • A fibreglass mesh is used to ensure the desired heat output is acheived by spacing out the high quality cable at the correct distance.
  • Installation is very easy as the mat is simply rolled out to cover the desired heating area.
  • A series-type heating cable is used, with a twin conductor and a cold lead of 2m at one end.
  • The resistance heating wire is enclosed in an initial fluoropolymer insulation layer, which is itself is wrapped in a protective metal shielding, before being encased in a final plastic outer sheath. The final diameter of the twin conductor cable is 3mm.
  • The 'hot' and 'cold' lead junctions are uniquely designed to make them 'foolproof'.
  • Meets all test requirements of IEC 60335 standard.
  • CE certified by SGS.
  • Can be laid on any floor layout.
  • Greater comfort due to uniform layout of heating cables and thermostat controlled temperature.
  • Suitable for DIY as well as professional use - easy to install, clear instructions and professional technical support.
  • A wide range of sizes, power outputs and options for most types of floor coverings are also available.


Further info:
Prowarm underfloor heating installation instructions (PDF)

Condition: New
Brand: Prowarm
Manufacturer's Part Number: 100W22MMATONLY
Availability: InStock
Price Inc VAT: GBP 452.99

UK Shipping Category: FREE Next Work Day Delivery! (0.00) - UK Mainland
Weight (largest size, packaged): 7.96kg

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Sizing Information - ProWarm Electric Underfloor Heating & Insulation Boards

What Size Heating Mat Do I Need?

Step 1. Measure Your Room

When planning on installing your underfloor
heating system, you should first measure
the Total Floor Space of the room.

Measure total room size

Step 2. Find Out Your Free Floor Space

You should then work out the area of Free Floor Space in m2 by accounting for any permanent fixtures or fittings in the room (e.g. bath, toilet).

Calculate size of fixed furniture

Remove 10% from this figure and use this to place your order. You should cover 80- 95% of the free floor space available. Anything less than this will lead to patches of cold spots.

e.g. Conservatory measurement
Total Floor Space = 12m2
Free Floor Space = 10m2 -10%= 9m2

Usable floor space

How Many Insulation Boards Do I Need?

Each ProWarm insulation board is 1200 x 600mm and covers a total area of 0.72m2.
For a free floor space of 9m2, you would need 13 ProWarm insulation boards.

Insulation boards

Size Of Electric MatBoards Required

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ProWarm 22m2 100w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat - Videos

ProWarm 22m2 100w Electric Underfloor Heating Mat - Reviews

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