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Electrical Tools

Electrical tools great range of electricians tools. Including: Irazola screwdrivers (VDE insulated), Fluke & Kewtech electrical test equipment, Armeg torque screwdriver sets, Bahco wire cutters & pliers, Starrett hole saw cutters, Armeg EBS box sinker socket cutters, Armeg solid board cutters, Toughbuilt electricians tool pouches and more!
PLUS: ProWarm Electric Underfloor Heating - Great Range!


Bahco Side Cutters & Pliers

  • Bahco 2628G combination pliers - 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2628S insulated combination pliers - 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2233D heavy-duty wire strippers/cutters - 160mm, 200mm & 240mm
  • Bahco 2101G side cutting pliers - 125mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 21HDG heavy-duty side cutters - 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2101S insulated side cutters - 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2470G snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2430G snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2430S insulated snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2427G bent snipe nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 9897 ergo pliers set

Hole Saws & Drill Bits

Armeg Box Sinker

  • SPECIAL OFFER! 60 OFF RRP! Armeg complete electrical box sinker & channelling set
  • Armeg EBS Tri-Cut single box sinker set
  • Armeg EBS Tri-Cut round cutter
  • Armeg EBS hard material chisel
  • Armeg EBS square socket box cutter
  • Armeg EBS double socket box cutter
  • Armeg EBS spares and accessories

Electricians Tool Pouches

Fluke & Kewtech Testers

Bahco Hacksaw & Blades

  • Bahco 325 professional hacksaw frame & blade
  • Bahco 306 hacksaw frame & blade - for DIY
  • Bahco Sandflex hacksaw blades - 18, 24 & 32 TPI - GREAT BULK QUANTITY DISCOUNTS!
  • Bahco 208 mini hack saw & blade
  • Armeg junior hacksaw and blades

Channelling & Scutch Chisels

  • Armeg SDS Plus channelling chisels - 30mm, 55mm, 20mm Extended
  • Armeg mortar raking chisel SDS+ 185mm
  • Armeg SDS Plus scutch comb chisels & replacement combs

Conduit Installation Tools

  • Armeg Pro-Step drill - 4-22mm, 5-35mm, 16-32mm
  • Armeg Quick-Cone drills
  • Armeg Rethreader - 3.5mm long reach and 4mm standard reach
  • Armeg conduit threading set

Utility Squeeze Knife

  • Bahco SK SQZ150003 utility squeeze knife - with 6 blades
  • Bahco KERU-01 Ergo retractable utility knife

Armeg Cable Rods

  • Armeg cable rods mini set - 10x 33cm fibreglass cable access rods
  • Armeg cable rods set - 10x 1m fibreglass cable pulling rods

Bonkote Flux Pen (Soldering)

  • Bonkote flux pen - Bonpen BON 102. Quality flux pen for fine application of flux. Ideal soldering accessory. From Bonkote Japan.

More quality electricians tools & equipment...

Prowarm underfloor heating

ProWarm Electric Underfloor Heating

Under tile & under wood heating mats & kits, thermostats & insulation boards. Lifetime warranty!
Workwear Clothing - Panoply

Workwear Clothing - Delta Plus

Mens work trousers with knee pad pockets - only 13.99 (+VAT)
Spirit levels - all sizes

Stabila Spirit Levels

World-renowned Stabila spirit levels - from only 9.99 (+VAT)
Estwing Hammers

Hammers - Estwing

Estwing hammers - straight & curved claw, brick hammers & more!

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