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Kewtech Socket Testers

Kewtech Socket Testers. Kewcheck 103 is your trustworthy socket tester with audible tone to assist in fuse finding. Loopcheck 107 does a whole lot more. It is the most advanced socket tester available. Loopcheck 107 includes a standard socket tester, a loop tester, a mains polarity tester and an RCD tester!
Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Tester

Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Tester

Ref: KEW-CHECK103 

Price: 15.59 Inc VAT / 12.99 Ex VAT

Kewtech Kewcheck 103 Socket Tester With Audible Tone

Your trustworthy socket tester. Audible tone assists in fuse finding.
  • High definition green LEDs with clear audible tone
  • Error-free indication of socket status
  • LEDs indicate 14 wiring conditions
  • Audible fuse finding facility
  • Drop proof from height of 1 metre
  • Tests BS 1363 sockets
  • 2 year unconditional guarantee
  • Bright durable LEDs outperform neons
Weight (largest size, packaged): 0.11kg

Estimated Delivery (working days): 1-2 days

UK Shipping Category: Economy Delivery - 5.40 (4.50 +VAT)
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Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket, Loop & RCD Tester

Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Socket, Loop & RCD Tester

Ref: KEW-LOOP107 

Price: 45.59 Inc VAT / 37.99 Ex VAT

Kewtech Loopcheck 107 Mains Socket Tester With Loop Check, Mains Polarity & RCD Test

The most advanced socket tester available, for front line personnel. Includes a standard socket test (checks the wiring configuration at the socket), a loop test (the standard socket test checks the presence of the earth connection, this checks the quality), a mains polarity (check on the correct polarity coming into the building) and last but not least a 30mA RCD check.
  • A standard socket tester does not check for the quality of the earth connection - the Kewtech 107 does
  • A standard socket tester cannot detect a neutral live reverse at the incoming supply - the Kewtech 107 does
  • Checks correct socket outlet wiring
  • Checks the quality of the earthing that is essential for safe installations
  • Checks for the polarity of the mains supply
  • Checks RCDs with measured current
  • Bright LEDs
  • Easy to use - anything other than green needs checking out!
Weight (largest size, packaged): 0.15kg

Estimated Delivery (working days): 1-2 days

UK Shipping Category: Economy Delivery - 5.40 (4.50 +VAT)
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