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Wire Cutters & Pliers

Wire cutters & pliers from the industry's leading brands - Knipex & Bahco. These premium quality pliers guarantee performance, precision and reliability. Including: Bahco & Knipex side cutters, Bahco wire strippers & combination pliers, Knipex water pump pliers & circlip pliers and much more!

Bahco Side Cutters & Pliers

  • Bahco 2628G combination pliers - 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2628S insulated combination pliers - 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2233D heavy-duty wire strippers/cutters - 160mm, 200mm & 240mm
  • Bahco 2101G side cutting pliers - 125mm, 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 21HDG heavy-duty side cutters - 140mm, 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2101S insulated side cutters - 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Bahco 2470G snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2430G snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2430S insulated snipe (needle) nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 2427G bent snipe nosed pliers - 200mm
  • Bahco 9897 ergo pliers set

Knipex Pliers & Cutters

NEW RANGE! Knipex pliers and cutters. We're proud to supply a selection of Knipex's most popular products including...
  • Knipex side cutters (diagonal cutters) - 160mm, 180mm & 200mm
  • Knipex water pump pliers (grips) - Cobra & Alligator pliers
  • Knipex end cutting pliers - 180mm & 200mm
  • PLUS: concretors nippers, crimping tool and circlip pliers

Also available...

Bahco water pump pliers

Bahco Water Pump Pliers

Great range available - Outstanding jaw capacity

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