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DMT Diamond Sharpening

DMT diamond sharpening stones full range of DMT diamond sharpeners in stock in the UK! Including diamond whetstones, Duosharp, Diasharp and Diafold ranges and much more! DMT sharpeners are famous for their superior quality and durability, theyre easy to use and allow for super-fast precision sharpening!
DMT diamond sharpening stone - No.1 in independent tests...

DMT Dia Sharp Sharpeners

DMT Dia-Sharp® continuous diamond whetstones are ideal for sharpening small or pointed tools. This is due to the absence of small holes found in interrupted diamond stones, in which small and pointed tools can get stuck. The Dia-Sharp® diamond sharpening stone range includes:

DMT Duosharp Stones

DMT Duo-Sharp® - innovative diamond bench stones with two grits in one large surface bench stone. The large precision-flat surface allows long and even strokes. Ideal for sharpening and honing woodworking tools, chef and kitchen knives and other industrial equipment where flatness counts. The Duo-Sharp® range includes:

DMT Diamond Whetstones

The DMT Diamond Whetstone™ range is convenient and versatile - sized to suit a wide variety of general knife and tool sharpening needs. The DMT stones UK range includes:

DMT Diafold Diamond Files

DMT Diafold® - folding diamond files. These portable multi-purpose diamond sharpeners enclose a 4 inch (100mm) Diamond Whetstone™ within convenient folding plastic handles. The range includes:

Accusharp Knife Sharpeners

Accusharp sharpeners are affordable, easy-to-use and they produce results fast! They are ideal for home and garden use. The range includes: Accusharp knife sharpener, scissor sharpener, garden tool sharpener, mounted knife sharpener and replacement blades.

Diamond Sharpening Steels

DMT sharpening steels - combining fast-honing diamond and ceramic surfaces with the re-aligning and convenience of traditional butchers steels for sharper results! The butchers steel range includes:

Learn how to polish a chip out of glass - with DMT Crystal Saver file

DMT Easy Guided Sharpeners

Guided sharpening - professional results, regardless of skill. Properly sharpened knives and tools deliver consistent, long-lasting service. The guided range includes:

DMT Stone Holders

DMT® stone holders - protective leather wallets for the DMT diamond stone range. Handmade in the UK from quality UK suede leather. Made by Connell of Sheffield. Available for 4, 6, 8, 10 and 11.5 inch whetstones. Guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

DMT Honing Cones

Honing cones - trust DMT® for those special projects. These tapered diamond slip stones are ideal for working gouges, wood turning, tool and die work, dental tools and more! Available in 2 different sizes and as a kit.

Leather Sharpening Strops

Leather sharpening strops with metal polishing compound. Ideal for achieving a truly sharp, polished edge on knives, chisels or plane irons. Hand-made in the UK by Connell of Sheffield from quality UK leather. Also available with DMT stand.

DMT Mini Sharp Sharpeners

DMT Mini-Sharp® - the pocket diamond sharpener that travels with you. The mini 70mm Diamond Whetstone™ is protected by a folding plastic handle when not in use. These diamond sharpening stones are lightweight & ultra-portable, with a handy key chain.

DMT Diamond Wave

DMT Diamond Wave™ - the revolutionary new diamond sharpener that combines both convex and concave abrasive surfaces. The Diamond Wave™ is perfect for woodworkers, carvers and wood turners. It provides longer sharpening strokes than traditional slip stones and because of its unique design it can sharpen nearly all tools with curved edges.

DMT Flexi-Sharp Sheets

DMT Flexi-Sharp® Sheets - flexible steel sheets, which can be cut, bent, glued or screw-mounted to create a custom diamond abrasive tool. Flexi-Sharp® Sheets are diamond coated on one side and are available in two sizes (1x2 inch and 2x3 inch) and a range of grit types.

DMT Dia Paste Compound

DMT Dia-Paste™ diamond compound liquid. Achieve the ultimate tool performance with the help of this diamond paste solution. A light application will create a highly polished, mirror finish, reducing tool friction for a sharper, stronger edge. This allows more use of the tool between sharpening. Available as a kit of 3 grit types.

Ski & Snowboard Tuning

DMT diamond stones and edge tuners have become the standard for many medal-winning skiers and snowboarders. Only DMT can manage the extreme hardness of ski and snowboard edges and quickly remove the super hard edge burrs that result from rock damage and man-made snow. Including the Burr Doctor® ski & snowboard edge tuning tool.

Tool & Knife Sharpening Info

Knife and tool sharpening information to help you decide on the best sharpener for your knife or tool. With video demonstrations on how to sharpen knives and tools, helping you to achieve the best results.

Full information available for sharpening...

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