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Tape Measures

Tape measures - UK suppliers of top quality tapes from Richter of Germany. The range includes: pocket & promotional tape measures, circumference & diameter tapes, adhesive measuring tapes, tank dipping tapes and a huge range of steel & fibreglass tapes.

Pocket Tape Measures

  • Available in lengths: 3m/10ft, 5m/16ft, 7m/25ft & 10m/33ft
  • To EC Class II standard of accuracy
  • Range includes pocket tapes with sight window & spirit level

Tank Dipping Tapes

  • Extensive range of dipping tapes for accurately measuring tank contents.
  • Tapes available in white-enamelled steel, etched carbon steel, nylon-coated steel (long-life) and stainless steel (no risk of contamination).
  • Dip tapes available with metric/imperial or metric only patterns in lengths 10m (33ft) to 50m (165ft).
  • All dipping tapes online include a brass weight, except stainless steel tapes which include a stainless steel weight.
  • To EC Class II standard of accuracy.

Diameter Tape Measures

  • Graduations on one side (of the tapes) measure circumference, on the other side they measure diameter, when placed around the item.
  • Our range comprises: pocket diameter tapes (2m), etched carbon steel diameter tapes (5-10m), nylon coated steel diameter tapes (5-10m) and woven fibre diameter tapes (5-10m).
  • 20ft variation of etched carbon steel diameter tape also available.

Adhesive Tape Measures

  • Flat, steel adhesive tape measures for affixing to work surfaces and machinery.
  • Adhesive measuring tapes available in lengths 1m to 20m.
  • Reading from left-to-right, right-to-left, top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top.
  • Graduated in cm and mm.
  • Imperial versions now available - 200" length, reading left-to-right or right-to-left.

Steel Tape Measures

  • Huge range of steel tape measures from 10m to 100m.
  • Available in: nylon-coated steel, white-enamelled steel or stainless steel.
  • Available in: PVC-covered steel case, aluminium frame winder, aluminium V frame winder or light but robust plastic frame winder.
  • Available in metric or metric/imperial. Some tapes also available in decimal feet.
  • All tapes conform to EC Class 2 accuracy, some available to EC1.

Fibreglass Measuring Tapes

  • Great range of fibreglass tape measures from 10m to 100m.
  • Available in: PVC-covered steel case, aluminium frame winder, aluminium V frame winder or light but robust plastic frame winder.
  • Available with 13mm or 16mm width blade.
  • Available in metric or metric/imperial.
  • All tapes conform to EC Class II standard of accuracy.

Vernier Diameter Tapes

  • Vernier tape measures UK - circumference graduations in mm on lower edge; diameter graduations in mm on upper edge.
  • 0.1mm vernier reading.
  • Accuracy to DIN ISO 2768m.
  • Smallest tape gives readings 60-950mm (circumference), 20-300mm (diameter). Largest tape gives readings 9630-11010mm (circumference), 3100-3500mm (diameter).

Promotional Tape Measures

  • Promotional tape measures - your logo on a measuring tape!
  • Just provide us with the artwork and we'll do the rest!
  • Professional multi-colour custom label printing.
  • Quality pocket tapes (EC Class II accuracy) - 3m, 5m, 7.5m & 10m
  • For 100+ tapes.
  • Samples available online!

Tape Measure Calibration

  • Calibration certificates are available for our extensive range of tape measures.
  • These certificates can be purchased online for any tape that is to a set standard (except fibreglass tapes).
  • Not to UKAS calibration but traceable to trading standard.
  • Diameter tapes - to EC Class II standard.
  • Letters of conformity are also available, free of charge, for our tapes.

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