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Magic Tub & Wall (White) - Peel & Stick Caulk - Bathroom Sealer Trim

Magic Tub & Wall (White) - Peel & Stick Caulk - Bathroom Sealer Trim

Product Reference: MAG-MC156T

Price: 5.99 Inc VAT / 4.99 Ex VAT

Estimated Delivery (working days): 1-2 days

UK Shipping Category: Economy Delivery - 5.94 (4.95 +VAT)

Magic Bathroom Wall Sealant Trim is an inexpensive, convenient alternative to using traditional bathroom sealant. Magic Vanity & Wall Sealer Trim provides a mildew resistant, water-tight seal that will not crack or discolour. The pack includes: one (2.2cm x 3.3m) roll of white sealant trim. Application Instructions:
  1. Magic Sealant Trim can be applied over existing grout and sealant. Remove any loose, protruding, or mildewed caulk. Thoroughly clean the surface and allow it to dry thoroughly.
  2. Measure the length to be covered and cut Sealer Trim to that length.
  3. Pre-bend Sealer Trim by folding it at the score line to form a 90 angle. Maintain fold during installation.
  4. Peel the first few inches of backing paper and begin to press the folded strip at one corner into the joint where the vanity meets the wall. Avoid stretching product during installation. Pressing the strip firmly against both vanity and wall, continue to peel the backing paper along the length of the surface.
  5. After installation, run your fingers firmly over all lengths to ensure good adhesion and watertight seal. Do not allow water to contact the strip for 6 hours following installation.

Condition: New
Brand: Magic
Manufacturer's Part Number: MC156T
Availability: InStock
Price Inc VAT: GBP 5.99

UK Shipping Category: Economy Delivery - 5.94 (4.95 +VAT)
Weight (largest size, packaged): 0.10kg

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