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Hard Hats – Colour Codes You Need To Know About On Site

Since 2017, the construction industry has seen the introduction of different coloured hard hats to use when on site. This has become particularly apparent for staff working on motorways and A-roads.

But what does this mean exactly? Well, the different colour hard hats will correlate with the person’s job position.

Hard Hat Colour Codes

  • Black – primarily for site supervisors
  • Orange – for signer or signallers
  • Blue – identifies someone inexperienced or a visitor
  • White – for general use, but also to identify a manager, client or a competent operative, or used on sites where colour coding is impractical

Most notably, the traditional yellow hard hat is missing from the list.

Build UK stated that the initiative; “Helps contractors to assess the competence of construction workers, along with their eligibility to work on-site.”

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